What are the Medicare Advantage Changes for 2020?

Once you turn 65 years of age, many individuals depend on Medicare coverage for health insurance. However, Original Medicare, such as Part A, B, and D plans, are not your only option anymore. Now, seniors can opt for a Medicare Advantage plan and use this health coverage for all your medical needs. While Medicare Advantage plans do not offer different parts relating to prescription coverage, hospital care, and preventive services like Original Medicare, instead, Medicare Advantage, you can select a specific plan and pay a premium. Plans under Medicare Advantage offer similar coverage as Original Medicare, but, with Medicare Advantage, you can receive the same coverage for a lower cost. In 2020 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has stated that Medicare Advantage premiums will decrease by 23%; the benefits are likely to increase.

Medicare Advantage Changes in 2020

In 2020 individuals who are already enrolled in Medicare Advantage or thinking about choosing Medicare Advantage may be eligible for some new services. This also includes 73% of Medicare Advantage individuals who have a chronic health condition. Beginning in January 2020, Medicare Advantage is offering further health plan coverage to eligible individuals. Some of these new coverage options you would not think were available in health insurance. Some of these new coverage options include:

  • If you have Diabetes, you may be eligible for transportation to and from doctor appointments, education programs, or appointments with a Nutritionist. Medicare Advantage may even help pay for cooking classes to help improve an individual’s diets.
  • For someone with Heart Disease, Medicare Advantage plans can help assist in providing heart-healthy food and produce.
  • For someone with Asthma, Medicare Advantage may help cover the expenses of home air cleaners or help pay expenses to have the individual’s carpets cleaned to help remove irritants and danger that trigger asthma attacks.
  • For individuals who have a disability and need unique accommodation in their home, Medicare Advantage may help pay for ramps, more extensive walkways, and doors, shower grips, and other safety measures.

Why Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

When choosing between Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare, you will realize that Medicare Advantage offers more overage than Medicare. With Medicare coverage, some individuals will not receive coverage for eye exams, hearing aids, or dental cleanings. With Medicare Advantage, you can see some coverage for these services.

The most significant difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage is having the choice to choose your own doctor and other providers. With Medicare coverage, individuals can see any doctor who participates in the Medicare program. However, Medicare Advantage has a list of network doctors and hospitals that individuals can choose from. If you decide to see a provider who is not within this network, you take the chance of having to pay more for your treatment.

Medicare Advantage plans are considered the one-stop-shop which includes coverage for prescription medications, dental, hearing, vision, and being able to add on supplemental plans. While Medicare Advantage offers more coverage, this does not mean you will pay a higher premium. Medicare Advantages offers all eligible individuals’ competitive premiums along with a lower cost of copays.

In 2019 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced how Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits would offer some flexibility in 2020. These new changes to Medicare Advantage could benefit an individual’s health or help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Individuals with chronic conditions can also receive benefits to help reduce their out-of-pocket expenses by these new changes. The President of Gorman Health, Jeff Fox, who works with Medicare Advantage, believes there will be more participation from private insurers to participate in these benefits for those with specific health conditions.

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